All In One Raspberry Pi

By publishing this post in November I’m vainly hoping that most visitors wont realise that the previous post was published in October of the previous year. The blog has been neglected a bit due to me renovating my new house. The house is (mostly) finished now, so I can start to design and install some home automation – – a subject for future blog posts.

This project is pretty self-explanatory; it is, in essence, just a Raspberry Pi 3 mounted to the back of a monitor. The mounting board is a cutting board that I bought from Sainsbury, the power supply I bought from Amazon Marketplace (mains power to 5VDC@3A). I modified the PSU to pass through mains power for the monitor so I would only need one plug (PLEASE DON’T ATTEMPT THIS UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU’RE DOING!).

I mounted the board such that I could use the board’s handle to carry the whole system easily, and I configured the Pi to boot from a USB drive rather that the SD card (which would be tricky to remove/insert when mounted on the board).

There are many times when I don’t need to boot up my quad-core beast of a PC; the Pi will do what I want a lot of the time. The main advantage (I find) of using the Pi is that it runsĀ in complete silence.

All In One Pi